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Important Recall Notice of Venture Rifles


As a result of an internal review, it has became apparent that there are potential safety implications with some of the sears that have been used on the Smith & Wesson manufactured Thompson Center Venture Rifles. Specifications for this vital part of the firing mechanism on these weapon were not followed in several cases, for those guns constructed between August 1st and October 28th 2011.
With this in mind, the company have taken the decision to recall all these firearms from within the above mentioned period so that an exhaustive inspection and examination process can be undertaken by their experienced team of qualified technicians. It is imperative that if your rifle is affected, it is not used again until a thorough test has been carried out, because there is genuine potential for the gun to fire without the trigger being pulled.
By visiting www.smith-wesson.com/venturecall it is possible to see a list of serial numbers which will either confirm or eliminate your rifle as part of the problem batch. Should you need to return the weapon, confirmation of corrective action being completed or no fault found will be visible in the form of a punch dot located on the trigger assembly.
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  • mekky says:
    T-Bolt Sporter
    very fun to shot with. I had a blast last week at a coyote hunting day with my buddies...
  • Danny Sehter says:
    Model 25 Lightweight Varminter
    Bought this one five years ago in the .223 Rem. I was impressed with the accuracy right out of the box...
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