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Best 50th Anniversary gift: Remington 1100

In 1963, Remington revealed the 1100 model, the first modern gun, whose accuracy and precision made it most loved among hunters. Also, the fact that it didn't need to be cleaned and the lack of malfunctioning made it one of the most produced rifles in North America.

Based on the A-5 model, which was actually licensed by Remington, the initial Model 1100 developed three more variations in addition to the 12 one: 20, 28 and 410. It is famous for its capacity of reducing recoil. Combining versatility with well-functioning, the initial Model 1100 was one of the best semi-automic guns ever produced.
Now, Model 1100 has returned on the market, after 50 years. Times have changed, but this good old gun has not. The commemorative model can be fired, as it has the walnut stock (which can be replaced, by the way) resembling a bowling pin.
Maintaining the classic features of the old 1100 model, the Commemorative model is outstanding, not only for being the modern and improved version of the 1963 model, but also for its aspect, for the engraved details, and for what it represents. 
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  • Thomas O says:
    X-Bolt Medallion Rifle
    I got this with the .300 Win Mag. and I have to admit that it is great. The trigger is perfect, action is surprisingly smooth for such a caliber...
  • Stewart Hodgson says:
    700 CDL
    Got this along with a Leupold VXIII 3.5-10 x 40mm. the gun is able to shot 1" groups out of the box at 100 yds...
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