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AAC Debuting New Silencer - Friendly Brand The Farm

The suppressor hasn't been a huge feature when it comes to hunting guns, but the AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation) is looking to change this trend. With the release of a brand called The Farm, this new series looks to merge military technology and quality with hunting technology for the best possible result. Think of The Farm's equipment as a hybrid, designed to give the hunter a new experience.
An example of what AAC is bringing to consumers is their Model 7 / Remington 700 replacement barrel. The barrel is sixteen inches and 300 BLK. Their equipment is top-notch, and everything is designed around potential suppressor use. AAC is hoping to encourage the use of silencers in hunting and to make it less military-oriented with the debut of The Farm. They're also currently selling muzzle breaks, flash hiders, SHIM kits, thread protectors, and other accessories under their brand name.
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