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Silver Hunter Micro Midas
Silver Hunter Micro Midas The Browning Silver Hunter Micro Midas has a finely cut checkering on the grip and forearm for providing better control of the gun. It has a strong, lightweight aluminum alloy receiver that has a silver finish and a semi-humpback design. The barrel has also a lightweight profile, along with a ventilated rib. Similar to other models, it benefits from the Active Valve system that can cycle a wide array of loads. It is available with a satin finish walnut stock and forearm, and comes as standard with three Invector-Plus choke tubes.
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Category Brand GaugeChamber lengthBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Semiautomatic Browning 1232645 3/47.5
Model 2 Semiautomatic Browning 1232443 3/47.3
Model 3 Semiautomatic Browning 2032645 3/86.2
Model 4 Semiautomatic Browning 2032443 3/86
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Model: 2
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Model: 3
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Model: 4
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  • Mark s. says:
    Super X3 Flanigun Exhibition / Sporting
    first of all, i had a few problems in the past with the long length of pull of some shotgun because i am only 5\'6\" but this one feel just right...
  • Leonard H. says:
    M77 Hawkeye Sporter
    This is one hell of an accurate rifle! Lsat week I took 5 shots to sight in @ 100 yards...
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