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Maxus Mossy Oak Duck Blind
Maxus Mossy Oak Duck Blind The Browning Maxus Mossy Oak Duck Blind gas-operated autoloader is offered with Dura-Touch Armor Coating and a Lightning Trigger System. In addition, it has a Turnkey Magazine Plug and a Magazine Cut-Off. This unit sports the all-new Power Drive Gas System that is capable of reducing the felt recoil, while at the same time accepting a bundle of loads. Add to this the fact that it has a Vector Pro lengthened forcing cone, it means that Browning has made a pretty good autoloader.
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Category Brand GaugeChamber lengthBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Semiautomatic Browning 123 1/22849 1/46.15
Model 2 Semiautomatic Browning 123 1/22647 1/46.14
Model 3 Semiautomatic Browning 1232849 1/46.15
Model 4 Semiautomatic Browning 1232647 1/46.14
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Model: 1
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Model: 2
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Model: 3
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Model: 4
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  • Joe says:
    870 Express Deer
    this gun is very heavy...
  • John Crider says:
    BAR Safari
    i own one in .338 win mag best gun i've ever bought, a little pricy, i paid 1,300 for mine. got it with the muzzle break and BOSS, extremely accurate...
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