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Howa/Axiom Heavy Barrel Varminter
Howa/Axiom Heavy Barrel Varminter The Howa/Axiom Heavy Barrel Varminter features a rugged lightweight synthetic construction and an instantly adjustable length-of-pull from 11.5 to 15.5 inches. It comes as standard with two recoil suppression devices for improved recoil reduction of up to 70%. It has a completely free-floated barrel that offers maximum accuracy. The model was designed mostly for varmint/predator hunting as well as bench rest shooting. Available with a Nikko Stirling riflescope. CNC milled to specifically fit the Howa M-1500 action.
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Category Brand CaliberBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Bolt-Action Howa .204 Ruger2440.75-43.509.65
Model 2 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2440.75-43.509.65
Model 3 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2440.75-43.509.65
Model 4 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2440.75-43.509.65
Model 5 Bolt-Action Howa .243 Win. 2440.75-43.509.65
Model 6 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2036.75-39.509.1
Model 7 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2036.75-39.509.1
Model 8 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2036.75-39.509.1
Model 9 Bolt-Action Howa .204 Ruger2440.75-43.509.65
Model 10 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2440.75-43.509.65
Model 11 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2440.75-43.509.65
Model 12 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2440.75-43.509.65
Model 13 Bolt-Action Howa .243 Win.2440.75-43.509.65
Model 14 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2036.75-39.509.1
Model 15 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2036.75-39.509.1
Model 16 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2036.75-39.509.1
Model 17 Bolt-Action Howa .204 Ruger2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 18 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 19 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 20 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 21 Bolt-Action Howa .243 Win. 2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 22 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2036.75-39.5010.7
Model 23 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2036.75-39.5010.7
Model 24 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2036.75-39.5010.7
Model 25 Bolt-Action Howa .204 Ruger2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 26 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 27 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 28 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 29 Bolt-Action Howa .243 Win. 2440.75-43.5011.25
Model 30 Bolt-Action Howa .223 Rem.2036.75-39.5010.7
Model 31 Bolt-Action Howa .22-250 Rem.2036.75-39.5010.7
Model 32 Bolt-Action Howa .308 Win.2036.75-39.5010.7
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