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Cynergy Classic Field
Cynergy Classic Field The Browning Cynergy Classic Field has been fitted with a barrel that has a lightweight profile and ventilated top and side ribs. It features a Reverse Striker ignition system, along with impact ejectors and a top-tang barrel selector/safety. The stock has a glass oil finish and upgraded Grade II/III walnut. Other worth-mentioning features of this model include the Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones on the 12 and 20 gauge models and the three Invector-Plus choke tubes that are only available for the aforementioned models.
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Category Brand GaugeChamber lengthBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Over & Under Browning 12328457.13
Model 2 Over & Under Browning 12326437.11
Model 3 Over & Under Browning 20328456.6
Model 4 Over & Under Browning 20326436.4
Model 5 Over & Under Browning 282 3/428456.9
Model 6 Over & Under Browning 282 3/426436.7
Model 7 Over & Under Browning .410328456.10
Model 8 Over & Under Browning .410326436.4
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  • michale roland says:
    Silver Rifled Deer Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
    my old gun went out on me so I needed one very fast. didn't put it much thought into it but i got this one...
  • adrian w. says:
    11-87 Compact Sportsman
    looking for a semiautomatic from remington, but didn't know what to get... i stuumbled accross this wesbite and i chose this very same model...
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