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770 Rifle/Scope Combo
770 Rifle/Scope Combo The 770 is a range-ready rifle/scope combo that comes premounted and boresighted at 3-9x40 scope magnification. This Remington model offers an easy-camming 60 degrees bolt as well as a highly accurate six-groove, button-riffled barrel. Having a detachable magazine box, it is very easy to load and unload. The stock was updated and is now ergonomically contoured, with a raised cheekpiece for fast scope-to-eye alignment. Control is solid in any weather conditions with the help of the textured grips. Available in the following calibers: .243 Win., .270 Win., 7mm Rem. Mag, .30-06 and the .300 Win Mag. Barrel length ranges from 22" to 24" in a black matte finish for an elegant look.
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Category Brand CaliberBarrel LengthOverall LengthWeight
Model 1 Bolt-Action Remington .243 Win.2242-1/28.5
Model 2 Bolt-Action Remington .270 Win.2242-1/28.5
Model 3 Bolt-Action Remington 7mm Rem. Mag.2444-1/28.6
Model 4 Bolt-Action Remington .30-062242-1/28.5
Model 5 Bolt-Action Remington .300 Win. Mag.2444-1/28.6
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  • david says:
    700 BDL
    Astounding accuracy, even with high grade shelf ammo... a beautiful rifle that responds to being held and squeezed just right. What a gun....
  • Thomas S. says:
    1100 Premier Sporting
    i was able to shoot my first 25 straight with it. I like the loong length and the smooth swing. The felt recoil is almost inexistent...
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